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User Manual

Main Screen


The main screen provides program status and is a jumping off point to the rest of the program features.

Some features are available from the screen menu:
  • Start and stop track plotting
  • Start and stop ELT simulation
  • Load the Options screen
  • Cancel Route Navigation


Computation and Plotting

Selecting this tool will load the computation and plotting screen. From there Aural Null point may be manually added if available from other sources and Aural Null fixes are computed. From this screen you may also launch search pattern plotting screens to plot a Sector Search or an Expanding Square.

Database Access

This tool provides access to the database search and updating screen. On this screen you may search for Airports and NavAids from the OurAirports.Com data set.

Navigation Screen

Will bring up the navigation screen which combines an HSI display with a moving map of critical data.

Route and Waypoint Management

The final tool brings up the route and waypoint management screen. Hear you may view and clear the user marked waypoint sets: Aural Null Points, Call Around Points and On Top Points. It also provides facilities to view, delete or fly saved routes. All plotted search patterns are available here.

Database Screen

The database screen, of course, allows the database from to be queried for airports and navigation aid information. If you haven't already downloaded the database, find some Wi-Fi access (the file is about 11 MB) and select Menu -> Update Database. This will fetch the latest version of the database from our server and install it on your compact flash memory card. Remember, the OurAirports database is not certified, you must verify correctness of data from the database before using it for navigation.

On this screen, in addition to the update menu selection, are user interface items: Search for; Search Opt; a query data input field and the Execute Search button.
  • Search for: toggles between the Airport database, and the Navaid database
  • Search Opt: toggles between four or five options:
    • Identifier: Searches for the exact identifier entered in the data input field
    • Identifier Search: Performs a wild card search looking for all identifiers that start with the text in the data input field
    • Name: Searches for facilities with a name that starts with the text in the data input field
    • Name Search: Searches for facilities with a name that contains the text in the data input field
    • Distance: if the navigation system has resolved your position within the last 10 minutes you will have the option of locating facilities within 60 nm of that location.
  • Data input field: prompts for the data needed for the search selected by Search Opt
  • Execute Search: performs the search and displays the results on the screen.
Once a search has successfully completed a list of returned facilities will be displayed in a list. The list contains the identifier, name, facility type and, if a position has been acquired in the last 10 minutes, the distance and bearing to the facility from that position. You may select one of the facilities from the list, and view more data on a facility screen.

Airport Facility Screen

The Airport screen will show the airport name, position, elevation above mean sea level, variation, airport communications frequencies and runway data.

Navaid Facility Screen

The Navaid screen will show the facility name, position, elevation above mean sea level, and variation.