SARMobileAirNav Simulator

Getting Ready

Before installing any software, please read through this page and various links completely to ensure that you understand the instructions, and that you are willing to agree to the respective licenses.

Download and Install BlackBerry Simulator

SARMobileAirNav is currently in pre-beta. The User interface is unfinished, and crude in places. You can expect fairly frequent updates as the software moves towards the beta release so check back frequently. Since this is pre-beta software it is provided free of charge as is without warranty of any kind as to fitness for any purpose. By downloading this software you agree that SARMobile.Ca and any persons associated with the website or software development hold no liability for anything that happens from your use of the software.

Once you have gone through this procedure once, to update to a newer version of the software you only need to download the new SARMobileAirNav.cod file. Questions or comments should be addressed to developers@SARMobile.Ca

This installation guide is based on Microsoft Windows 7.

First download and install the simulator for BlackBerry Torch 9810 with OS 7.1:

Browse to the BlackBerry simulator download page:

Scroll to near the bottom of the page to select the smartphone (Torch 9810), then select the the OS (7.1). Select one of the simulators to download. Here versions for and are shown. Any of the simulators listed should be suitable so pick the one with the highest version number, or which ever you prefer.

A page with the description of the file you have selected will be displayed next. Review the software license agreement then click the download button. Depending on your browser you may save the file or run it once it is downloaded. 
Install the simulator package by running the downloaded file. Click Next. You may see a pop-up asking it you want to install a Microsoft Visual C++ package. If you don't have this package on your system already you will need to install it now, click Yes or No as appropriate.

You will have to accept the license agreement for the simulator software. Click I Agree.

Install for all users or just you, make your choice and click Next.

The default packages are fine, click Next.

Again, the default installation location should be fine but you may install in another location if desired. You will need to remember where it is installed for later. Make your choice and click install.

Once files are copied the installation is complete.

Running the Simulator

Under All Programs you will see folder selections for Research in Motion, BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators 7.1.0, (9800) [or the version you installed]. Under this menu you will see selections to launch the simulator: 9810, clean the simulator (remove start up configuration and user data), and uninstall. Click on 9810 to run the simulator for the first time. The simulator will need access through the firewall, click Allow Access.

The simulator will boot up and may ask you to perform some initial configuration as part of the BlackBerry OS first start procedures. From the menu on the very top of the program window select Simulate, and from the drop down menu select Change the SDCard to bring up the SDCard Window. This window will allow you to assign a folder from your PC to act as the SDCard in the simulated BlackBerry. This will be used to save track plots and other data the SARMobileAirNav program will use. Click the Add Directory button.

We recommend that you create a new folder called SDCard. Click Make New Folder, then change the name.

This will keep everything nice and tidy. Click OK.

Ensure your new directory is selected and click the mount directory button.

Now your folder is set up to be configured as the device SDCard each time you start the simulator. Click Close.

You may want to explore the operation of the 9810, especially if you have not had any experience using a BlackBerry with a touch screen. Use the mouse to simulate screen gestures. With the Num Lock off the numeric keypad on your PC keyboard operates the simulated touch pad. Hovering the mouse pointer over the other buttons and keys will show you which PC key combination activates the function in the simulator.

Once you are comfortable it is time to install the SARMobileAirNav software. Close the simulator and proceed to the next step.

Installing SARMobileAirNav

By downloading or using SARMobileAirNav for BlackBerry simulator you agree to the terms and conditions contained in the End User License Agreement.

The next step is to install SARMobileAirNav in the simulator. This is a simple as downloading the software into the directory containing the simulator, the same location as the SDCard directory we made just recently. Download the software from this link: SARMobileAirNav.cod

Now start the simulator again and you should see the SARMobileAirNav icon. If you launch the program and don't get any error reports then you have done well so far. If you do get errors the most likely cause is the SDCard has not been mounted. Go back to the last part of the previous section and make sure you see a green arrow beside your SDCard folder, and "Remount SD Card On Startup" is checked.

If you want to be able to use the airport and navaid databases you will also have to download and install the OurAirports.Com SQLite3 database file. This file is available from this page: 

You will need to copy this into the SDCard folder where the BlackBerry simulator will expect to find databases associated SARMobileAirNav. Under the SDCard folder you should now see a databases folder, and under that a SARMobileAirNav folder. Place the ourairports.db file there. You should be all set to experiment with SARMobileAirNav.

Running the Program

To use the program on the simulator refer to the user manual.