SARMobileAirNav is an air navigation program written for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 7.0 or greater. The program is designed primarily as a navigators' tool for air search and rescue operations. This software represents over five person years of work and features the best techniques for search and rescue navigation use world wide.

End User License Agreement

Use of the software is governed by the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement.

Development Status

The software is currently in pre-beta release status. A version which will run on the BlackBerry simulator has been released as a support tool in conjunction with our Practical Guide to Aural Searches. Instructions for downloading and running this version of the software are available here. Once the software conforms with beta release criteria it will be available from BlackBerry AppWorld.

The change log is available here.


The program currently boasts the following feature set:
  • Aviation waypoint database courtesy of OurAirports.Com
  • The aviation database may be searched by waypoint identifier, waypoint name or nearest waypoint
  • Extended track plotting saved to an SQLite3 database
  • All navigation activities are captured in an SQLite3 database which can be copied off the device for reporting, archive or training purposes
  • Three types of waypoint marking: Aural Null points, Call Around points, On Top points
  • Calculation of the geometry for Aural Null fixes using the cirucumcircle of a triangle (three points) or polygon (four or more points)
  • Calculation of 2dRMS confidence radius for Aural Null fixes computed from four or more points
  • Plotting of search patterns: Expanding Square and Sector Search
  • Real time GPS navigation display with overlays for: track plot; route (including search pattern); marked waypoints; and Aural Null geometry
  • Real time calculation of magnetic variation
  • An ELT simulator function that allows the user to practice using the software to perform Aural Searches


  1. Work towards beta conformation with existing feature set to release program in BlackBerry AppWorld
  2. Add Direction Finding Line of Position capture 
  3. Add route editing and other tools to allow the software to be used for normal air navigation
  4. Add creeping line ahead and parallel track search patterns
  5. Check lists 
  6. Port to BlackBerry 10

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