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Comming Soon!

We have some new programs that are being developed to take advantage of the BlackBerry 10 Invocation Framework and features introduced into OS version 10.2. Because of the Invocation Framework we are able to separate out parts of what would be a straight port of SARMobileAirNav into different programs and still maintain the tight integration. This means that users will only need to install those programs that are relevant to their needs. 

One of the programs that is making good progress is Goniometer. This program is designed to handle the math involved in fusing multiple Radio Direction Finding (RDF) bearings into a probable fix location and an error ellipse. By itself this could be used for Amateur Radio Fox Hunting, wild life tracking, or air search and rescue. To make it more effective for air search and rescue a user could download a companion program called OurAirportsDb which will download and manage our version of the popular open source aviation database. We thought we would show you a few pictures.