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Hello GPS and E6B Updates

posted 3 Apr 2013, 18:07 by Support SarMobile   [ updated 2 Sep 2013, 15:44 ]
Updates to our Hello GPS  and E6B  applications have been release in BlackBerry World. E6B has only minor fixes but Hello GPS has been adapted to work on the Q10 so it will be available when that device launches. It also accommodates the Glonass capability built into the Z10 and Q10 which can result in many more than 14 satellites visible at a time.

The Q10 has a smaller 720x720 pixel screen. We have elected to use scrolling to provide access to the signal strength bars and fix data. This allows us to use the full screen to show the constellation which, as you can see can get crowded with both system active.

We will probably use a similar technique with the Q10 version of E6B, but will use keyboard shortcuts to select mode in addition to the user interface buttons so power keyboard users won't need to scroll, and the full screen will be available for display of the slider rule.