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Auditor General's Report and New Funding Annoucements

posted 4 May 2013, 06:34 by Micha @SARMobile
No one who has had any connection the the National Search and Rescue System in Canada could have missed the report from the Auditor General earlier this week, nor the flurry of funding announcements coming from the government it the wake of that report. I don't see any need to reproduce all that reportage here. To me the most interesting feature of this story is that the long existing problems with governance within the system have finally come to light. We can only hope that the government will actually do something about the problems this time.

To me the most interesting outcome is a quote from Clarence Peddle reported by the CBC:

If you want to bring it down to one word, that's to be honesty.

They have to stop playing games, and they have to look at the real issues. There's never been an honest investigation into any search and rescue incident.