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A project we are working on needs airport data in an SQLite database, www.OurAirports.com provides open data, so the solution is obvious. With a little bit of code their data is downloaded and inserted. Since they have placed their data in the public domain it is only fair that we put this humble derivative work in the public domain as well, with the same disclaimer:

Download at your own risk! We hereby place this file into the Public Domain with no warranty of any kind. By downloading this file you agree that SARMobile.ca, OurAirports.com, Megginson Technologies Ltd., and anyone involved with the web sites or companies hold no liability for anything that happens when you use the data, including (but not limited to) computer damage, lost revenue, flying into cliffs, or a general feeling of drowsiness that persists more than two days.

All of the data files OurAirports makes available are imported into the database. We also include a table called taf which contains the identifiers of all airport for which NOAA provides aviation weather. OurAirports.com updates the files daily so we produce a new database file every other day. How frequently you update your copy is up to you. We now compute checksums so you can verify the integrity of the file, or simply test for changes before downloading.

ourairports.db Approximately 11 MB SQLite3 database.
ourairports.md5 The MD5 checksum of the current database.
ourairports.sha256 The SHA256 checksum of the current database.