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BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

Our development road map is to continue developing SARMobileAirNav for BlackBerry OS 7.1 and port it to BlackBerry 10. Our lead developer attended a BB10Jam session and, due to his vendor credentials, was issued a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device. The process of becoming competent in developing for a new OS, new user interface and new hardware often leads one to write utilities to monitor hardware function without all the complexity of the full application, or 'toys' that allow a developer to 'play' with features to become familiar with how they work. Some of these utilities or 'toys' will be shared with other BlackBerry 10 developers through AppWorld. Some may eventually become supported applications with their own support pages, until then they will be documented on this page.

Mechanical Clock

This is a 'toy' application, but it looks so good (you need to see it working, static images don't do it justice) it is available in the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha AppWorld. If it is popular we may support it as an application when BlackBerry 10 is released.